2013 The Year of Brutal Honesty

2013 The Year of Brutal Honesty

Nothing makes entering the New Year more special than having to truly reflect on the fact that you are broke, overweight, and may be a shopaholic. Luckily I have the very fact of a fresh start in that said New Year to turn my chubby, broke self into the somebody I would be proud to be. 

I decided to ride the ridiculous “New Year Resolution” wave and make some changes. I needed some arbitrary starting point anywho, so why not start with 2013. 


1.Chip away at some of my debt by sticking with my own version of the “Spending Fast.”
-The link is included that I am basing my savings on, and I will be documenting my amazing progress on my debt, along with the many slips I’m sure I will have.

2. Chip away at some of the lovely lb’s I so exuberantly collected in 2012.

-Thanks God for Pinterest and the many amazing life helpers it offers. I plan to make some pretty fricken A+ healthy meals this year.
3. Chip away at my TO DO’s and Places to See Lists

-The first step is admitting it: I am obsessed with the idea of traveling, but this said idea is pretty hard to do on a tight budget, especially when I am trying to chip away at those said debts I was referring to earlier. Also, this said idea makes me happier than a fricken kid who actually got a pony for their birthday, so I know I want to this to still be an active part of my life—how I will do this is yet to be undetermined.